Albourne Village is a small ancient village in Sussex, one of the scenic counties along England’s southern coast. The village inspired the naming of Albourne Partners an alternative investment advisory firm established in 1994. In order to pay homage to its spiritual roots, Albourne Partners has etched this lovely village into virtuality as a place for the residence, knowledge-commerce and better living of the alternative investment community. The site has been designed as an ideal environment for evolving hedge-fund, private equity, real assets and real estate news, intellectual property, content and debates on current issues, as well as a valuable source of commercial contacts. Albourne Village is a place for the alternative investment community to be seen and heard, to act and interact, teach and learn, amuse and recreate, yearn and earn. Don’t just join the Village, be the Village.

The Bridge Inn pub is a centre of a variety of activities, from catching up on the latest news, commentary on the news, notices, and a range of specific discussion groups to focus on individual topical issues. The setting of the Bridge Inn is traditional, cosy and quaint as you would expect of a Pub in an English Village. However, the character of any pub is as much a product of the crowd it gathers and the resulting ambiance that is generated.

The Library is where Village Residents and those in the wider world contribute a diverse and rich array of articles, theories, research and reviews, offering perceptive and thought-provoking insights into the alternative investment universe. Some materials are free, others can be purchased with Albourne Apples. There is a long tradition of Village Residents contributing to the Library through original works or reviews thereby enhancing the flow of knowledge and enriching Village life.

The Village Job Centre is where recruitment companies, and companies in the alternative space can advertise 'positions available'. Residents are not only able to browse these adverts, but are invited to publish 'jobs wanted' adverts too.

The Village Conference Centre is where conference organisers can post information on their upcoming events.

The Village School is where course organisers can post information on their upcoming events. Learning is central to any community or industry, and we hope to offer as much as we can to our Residents, new and old. We work with many new-comers to the industry, and we are glad to help them learn to keep the standards high in this community.

The Village Business Centre is a hub of Village life and trade. It is an epicentre for those catering for the 'business' of the alternatives industry, and a gateway to their services.

The Albourne Village Giftshop. Apples are your virtual Village currency. Your balance is credited with 500 upon joining the site and you may earn more by uploading content to the Pub and Library, or by commenting on articles in either of these sections. Make the most of your Apples by treating yourself to items on offer in the Giftshop or downloading reading material from the Library.